Staff Book Pick of the Week

This week’s staff pick comes from Mr. Schefer who is a big John Irving fan.  He’s read all of his books but his favorite is Setting Free the Bears.  Mr. Schefer likes that it’s simple and straightforward but “less of the plot twists and convolutions” found in many other Irving books.  He also says of Irving, “His writing is elegant and clear but epic in some ways that leave me awestruck at how someone can have such a wonderful imagination and be so skilled as to share it with us so well.”

Unfortunately, Setting Free the Bears is hard to find these days.  When you swing by the library you can find The World According to Garp on display and you can check out many other Irving classics.  Watch an interview with John Irving below:


Staff Book Pick of the Week

This week’s book pick comes from Mrs. Mainella with her choice of Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.  Mrs. Mainella said “this novel captivated me.  It made me laugh out loud, shed a few tears and contemplate, with wonder, the passage of time.”  (Ms. Glos agreed)  From the Italian coastline in 1692, to the set of Cleopatra, to modern day Hollywood, Mrs. Mainella enjoyed all Beautiful Ruins had to offer.  Heading to the big screen this summer, watch the trailer below and swing by the library to check out what else Mrs. Mainella had say about Beautiful Ruins.


Flume Awards

It’s time to vote for the 2014 Flume Award winner.  There are some great choices this year.  Swing by the library to cast your vote for the winner or see one of your English teachers for a ballot.  It’s ok if you haven’t read them all yet, just pick your favorite.  Here’s the list:

Across the Universe                                                             Heist Society

Ask the Passengers                                                              Monument 14

Code Name Verity                                                               The Raven Boys

Death Cloud                                                                         Ready Player One

The Fault in Our Stars                                                       Shadows of the Moon

April Library “something”

April is School Library Month and to celebrate, Clipper Library will be hosting some sort of party – it has yet to be named.  There will be all sorts of activities that day, like Harry Potter trivia, teacher book match, origami, and more.  What kinds of activities would you like to see happening in the library that day?  And what the heck should we call this thing?  Let me hear your ideas!

Staff Pick of the Week

This week’s staff pick comes to us from the foreign language department.  Mrs. Hebert’s pick is The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisnero.  Mrs. Hebert says “I love the book for the small vignettes Cisnero writes.  They are short and reader friendly… “Que bueno!”  Mrs. Hebert reads this book with her AP Spanish class and let the library borrow her Spanish language copy.  Swing by the library to see if what else Mrs. Hebert had to say about The House on Mango Street, get a copy (we have them in English too!), and watch the book trailer down below. 

New Staff Pick of the Week

This week’s staff pick comes from Mrs. Haus who ”loves historical fiction!”  Mrs. Haus chose The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott, a Titanic story.  Mrs. Haus calls The Dressmaker “gripping” and likes that it is told through a ”survivor’s view”.  Swing by the library to read the review Mrs. Haus gave The Dressmaker and watch the book trailer below.

New Books!

New books have made their way into the library again!!  You’ll find 8 new ones on the corner shelf of the desk.  There are three new graphic novels in here too!  Come by and check out what the new “talking books” have to say as well.  Here’s a list of the 8 new books.  Watch some book trailers below.

Soul Surfer – Bethany Hamilton

The Aviator’s Wife – Melanie Benjamin

War – Sebastian Junger

Into the Blast: The True Story of D. B. Cooper – Skipp Porteous

Eldest – Christopher Paolini

The Columbus Affair - Steve Berry

Dog Eat Dog – Jerry Jay Carroll

The Campaign – Elizabeth Karre



Eleanor and Park

Big news!! Eleanor and Park by Rainbox Rowell was just added to the Clipper Library Kindle collection!!  Eleanor and Park is an award winner and very popular (like always checked out popular).  Swing by the library to pick up a Kindle and read Eleanor and Park.

Find out what other books are in our Kindle Collection by checking out the Kindle book list page on the blog!